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Giovanni Stone

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Robotic Solutions
Wynright Robotics offers cutting-edge advances in robot and vision technology to provide substantial benefits in material handling and productivity. One such innovation is designed for the shipping and receiving area and is unique, award winning, and patented. Featured here is a revolutionary robotic truck loading system which is capable of autonomously fluid loading and unloading product, in and out of trailers, both safely and economically.
Robotic Truck Loading (RTL)
Wynright provides robotic solutions for floor stacking directly onto the floor of a truck or container to fully cube the space, reduce operational cost and eliminate operator injury.
Robotic Truck Unloading (RTU)
With 3-D vision to locate product inside the truck or container, Wynright’s truck-loading application can be adapted to unload floor-loaded cargo containers and trailers.
Fanuc Authorized System Integrator